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I love Gods Word.

Gods word is under attack, has been since the garden when Satan tempted Eve. Today Christians don’t know the book they claim to live by and this is a problem. We have the very words of God and we treat them like they are words from a normal human. I hope to show the importance of Gods word in every post on this site.

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What is this blog site for? Biblical truth. Something that I have seen in the past year is an assault on Gods Word. The idea of this site is to show the truth of Gods Word and that we should stand on that Truth. It will consist of Christian living and how Christians should approach different topics in the world. Also, if you’re like me you hate reading a lot to get to the point. So the idea of these post will be to be short and to the point. I hope you enjoy.

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My name is Shea and I’m a youth pastor at a rural church in Louisiana. I in no way have any idea what I am doing nor do I pretend too. I’m just a normal guy who cares about the truth of Gods Word and want to honor Him in holding His Word as important, which is something that seems to be lost today. I wanted to start this blog for my church and anyone else who reads it because of the things that I have seen going on in the world today. This past year what I have seen is a world that doesn’t seek truth anymore. And what is really scary is a lot of Christians are devaluing the Word of God in their lives. Gods word has become a suggestion in our lives instead of the authority of our lives. A lot of Christians claim to have a biblical worldview but when you get to what they actually believe that is shown to be false. My hope is to share a biblical world view through these post. I hope these post help you in any way they can.