How to Recognize A Christian Extremist

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Especially since September 11, 2001, the titles “extremist” and “extremism” have become common language in our culture. We think about those who flew the planes into the World Trade Towers and label them as “Muslim Extremists”. Immediately upon learning of the background of the Boston Bombers, we wonder about the ways those two young men were extreme in their beliefs. Now, more and more, we are hearing about Christians who are extreme. If Muslim Extremism looks like September 11, what does Christian Extremism look like?

It seems to me that an extremist is simply a person who really and truly believes something. He is not half-hearted and he holds a certain truth as ultimate over-against anything in opposition to it. Those who give their lives in exchange for the opportunity to become suicide bombers are simply applying the fullness of the Qur’an to their lives. One website shows that there are at least 164 Jihad verses from the Qur’an. In other words, a Muslim Extremist is a Muslim that believes the entire Qur’an.

If we apply this same definition to Christians, a Christian Extremist would be one who truly believes the entire Bible. Since Christian Extremism is becoming more and more of a “problem” in our culture, I want to give you 10 ways to recognize a Christian Extremist. This way,  you can be prepared if by chance you meet one.

1. He believes his entire life is to be lived by the goal of bringing glory to God. (Isaiah 43:7)

2.  He loves Jesus more than anything or anyone else. (Luke 14:26)

3. He helps feed those who are hungry. (Matthew 25:35)

4. He believes that life begins at conception and shouldn’t end until natural death. (Genesis 1:27; Jeremiah 1:5)

5. He loves his wife so much that he would give up his own life for her. (Ephesians 5:25)

6. He will love his neighbor, even if he doesn’t know him. (Mark 12:31)

7. He will pay his taxes and obey the laws of the land. (Mark 12:17; Romans 13)

8. He works hard to live at peace with others. (Romans 12:18)

9. He believes that marriage is precious and sacred. (Genesis 2:24)

10. He tells others about God’s love and tries to reflect that love in his own life. (Romans 5:8; John 13:34)


This is not by any means an exhaustive list. These 10 characteristics of a Christian Extremist are simply here to help you in the event one crosses your path. You can never be too prepared or too cautious when dealing with an extremist of this nature. You never know what might happen when a Christian loves you just because God told him to. Be careful, be aware and be ready to recognize a Christian Extremist.

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2 thoughts on “How to Recognize A Christian Extremist

    alwayzhis said:
    May 1, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    Well… from this post, I am a Christian Extremist and I don’t mind saying so.
    I also, in my extremism believe that God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are sovereign over all things.
    That the Father God provided a way of salvation (the only way) by allowing His Son, born of a virgin and the Holy Spirit… making Him; the Son God Incarnate… and the Messiah!
    I also believe very strongly in having a continual, daily, personal relationship with the LORD through His perfect, inerrant Word and prayer.
    Just a few other characteristics to add to your list. Watch out. I stand up for the Truth…

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