Hiding from God

The members of the first church I pastored liked to tell the story about a young boy in the congregation named Adam. Adam was sitting in a worship service one day as the pastor preached from Genesis 3. He boldly preached on Adam’s sin and how he had hidden from God. But God came looking for him by calling out his name. The pastor dramatically reenacted the Biblical text,

“Adam! Where are you?”

“ADAM! Where are you?”


Young Adam couldn’t stand it any longer. He stood up and proclaimed, “Here I am!” Continue reading

They Will Hear All of Us Soon

I am thankful for George Bush’s strong leadership after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I believe that this short speech given on top of the rubble of the World Trade Towers is perhaps the most stirring speech ever given by a president. There is hardly a day in American history where evil so blatantly showed its face than September 11, 2001. Watch as President Bush leads in his God-given role as chief protector and wrathful avenger against evil. Continue reading

When Satan Attacks

What can we do as Christians when Satan attacks us?

I’m not talking about shirking our own responsibility when we give into the sin that wells up inside of us . I’m not talking about always being a victim by playing the “The Devil Made Me Do It” card instead of confessing and repenting from sin.

I’m talking about a constant barrage of attacks that come toward us as the “fiery arrows” (Ephesians 6:16) of our adversary that lead to feeling overwhelmed, depressed, discouraged and hopeless. What do we do when our minds are overwhelmed and we feel like we have reached the point of breaking? How do we do battle when the enemy has us right where he wants us? Continue reading

Daddy Rights and Privileges

Being a daddy is a special thing. It is one of the greatest honors and responsibilities ever given to me. I have three great children for which I am so thankful to be their daddy.

But I’ve been doing some thinking about this daddy thing. It hasn’t clicked with me until recently, but being a daddy comes with certain rights and privileges.

Dads, see if you agree with me. Continue reading

Welcome to the New Truth Matters Blog

I’ve been writing on this blog since 2010. It began as an outlet for my sermons. Then it became a battleground for atheists to pick philosophical fights. From there, it transformed into the “5 Reasons America Needs Duck Dynasty” blog and ended with some dusty theological lessons.

None of those are necessarily bad things. The bad thing was that the blog became stale. It wasn’t fun to write and it wasn’t pleasing to read. It just was. And when things just are, they rarely serve much of a purpose.

So the slate has been wiped clean. All old posts, comments and pages are gone. I’m starting fresh and building from the ground up. Continue reading