Daddy Rights and Privileges

Being a daddy is a special thing. It is one of the greatest honors and responsibilities ever given to me. I have three great children for which I am so thankful to be their daddy.

But I’ve been doing some thinking about this daddy thing. It hasn’t clicked with me until recently, but being a daddy comes with certain rights and privileges.

Dads, see if you agree with me.

1. I reserve the right to sing any Elvis song that comes on the radio. I may do this loudly if I choose. It does no matter if we are in the van or at Kentucky Fried Chicken. It will happen. Be prepared.

2. I reserve the right to mow the grass wearing shorts and black dress socks. I may not always exercise this right, but I am allowed to do this whenever I choose. As a side note, I will usually also proudly wear flourescent colored ear plugs.

3. I reserve the right to coach all sports that you play. I will think that I am Ed O’Neill, but you will think I am more like Rick Moranis from the movie Little Giants. I will always have a whistle and will also wear a special coaching hat that I believe makes me look like a better coach.

4. I reserve the right to perform magic tricks at any and all of your birthday parties. Yes, I am good at them. No, I will not “wait until next time”.

5. I reserve the right to grow a Magnum P.I.-style moustache for any vacation we may ever take. Yes, it will look silly. But after I put on my 80’s style sunglasses, you’ll love it. Trust me.

6. I reserve the right to speak with your wonderful mother using code-language from TV shows she and I grew up watching. In public, I may at any time say,

“You got it, dude/Have mercy!”

“Did I do that?”

“Cowabunga!” or


This may or may not include singing theme songs which may or may not always contain the correct lyrics.

7. I reserve the right to play in any alumni football games that my old high school may offer. I’m pretty sure that I’m in just as good of shape as I was then. We’ll see.

8. I reserve the right to do whatever I think is necessary to show you that I love you. Getting to be your daddy is the greatest privilege, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Welcome to the New Truth Matters Blog

I’ve been writing on this blog since 2010. It began as an outlet for my sermons. Then it became a battleground for atheists to pick philosophical fights. From there, it transformed into the “5 Reasons America Needs Duck Dynasty” blog and ended with some dusty theological lessons.

None of those are necessarily bad things. The bad thing was that the blog became stale. It wasn’t fun to write and it wasn’t pleasing to read. It just was. And when things just are, they rarely serve much of a purpose.

So the slate has been wiped clean. All old posts, comments and pages are gone. I’m starting fresh and building from the ground up.

There’s an old saying that proclaims, “All truth is God’s truth”. And that is true! Everything that is true points to the God who is true. Truth that points us to Him is around us everywhere. Because of this I’m simply going to write about what interests me. I’m not going to follow conventional advice about Twitter followers, finding my “niche” in the blogosphere, or anything else. I’m just going to write.

You may read posts about the Bible, culture, marriage, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, parenting, homeschool and education, coaching soccer, philosophy, Kentucky basketball, Chinese food, ministry, conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses, my expertise in magic tricks with cards, gymnastics or my most current battle with the neighborhood opossum.

But as I write, I’ll show you truth. And as you see truth, my prayer is that you see Jesus. All of life is about Him, for He is Truth.

And that’s why Truth Matters.